Europe Travel Photography

My European explorations took me through La Rochelle which is a coastal metropolis of southwestern France before I moved to the island of Ile d’Oleron. This island offered a pleasurable culinary experience with oysters and exotic wine before I moved south to Bordeaux and then onto the coast at Arcachon. The seaside of Arcachon and four districts that are named after the four seasons, are indeed a spectacle to behold. Expectedly, these locations inspired my France travel photography. Interestingly, this site is celebrated for its relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere.

After basking in the tranquil and peaceful environment of Arcachon for some days, it was time to travel back to England. My choice route was the Loire valley with its numerous Chateaux’s and dazzling landscape. With an abundance of vineyards, you will begin to realize why France has a reputation for the finest wine.

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