Peter Stephenson - Freelance Travel Photographer

Peter is an experienced travel and landscape photographer, he is renowned for his travel photography, producing quality images for business, editorial, and advertising campaigns, he has done work across Europe as a travel photographer.

He always aims to be in the right place at the right time because this makes the difference between outstanding landscape photography or a bad one because you have arrived too late and missed the best light. Pete always researches locations to find the best places for shooting sunrises and sunsets and also in the blue hour which happens twice a day, just before dawn and just after sunset.

Peter's travel photography gives visitors a tour of the town and its culture and gives you an understanding of a place and the people who live there. On a recent photo shoot in Old Alcudia town, Pete's travel photography was able to show the beauty of the walled city, and places of interest in the ancient streets and courtyard's but explore further, and you will find it hides a fourteenth-century house.

This website showcases my travel photography and landscapes across Europe.

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