My fascination with the world and traveling started when I was twenty-eight where I became actively involved in travel photography, where I get to capture the iconic cities in Europe. My travel adventures have taken me to the Nordics, Belgium, Germany, Brittany, and Gibraltar, and I have over 8000 images, but can these all be used for advertising, in short no. My travel photography has captured food, culture, adventure, tourism and travel, some can be used for websites, or in articles about travel, but not a two-page spread, only hand full of my images meet that criteria.

I need to change my travel photography and look at the composition to see if it right for advertising photography, you need the big hero image but with space to add an advertising message

I have my favorite photos which I love, but many of these a focused on a location and an ancient building they are good for general travel photography but not for advertising. The image on the top this page of Mont St Michel in Normandy is an example of correct image composition that will sell for advertising.

To sell travel photography, you have to tell a story. I have the long-term client who rents and sells mobile holiday homes in southwest Brittany. My travel photography in 2018 started at St Malo in September at dawn and then onto Benodet in Brittany; the story documents the journey through Brittany and explores the culture of Finistère, its tourism, fishing, sports, and yachting. The advertising assignments for my client promotes Benodet in Brittany, will be featured on my client’s website and brochure in 2019.

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