About me

lavendar fields in provence at dawn

About Me

My childhood was in the Northumberland in the northeast of England, a county which is very rural and he learned at a very early age to love the countryside, the superb coastline. In my teens, I was a keen fell and mountain walker, so I was always out exploring Northumberland countryside which is now the Northumberland National Park.

My family had decided to relocate from Northumberland to North Somerset, because of my Father’s line of business. This offered an incredible opportunity to experience the west country.

It was at this time that I resolved to explore through Cornwall and Devon. I was 23 at the time. My journey began in St Austell and led me through south Cornish Coast to Penzance, North Cornwall and then onto Devon before heading home.

Time for a Change

It was during my time in London where when made the move into full-time photography. In 2002, there times in your life where you are at the crossroads you need to move in a new direction. For me I was Helsinki, I’ve been to many great cities, but none of them have yet beaten Helsinki, this inspired me to improve my photography.

I made it my top priority to buy a reliable and professional camera to photograph Helsinki. This led me to purchase my first digital DSLR Nikon D300S and a 55-300 zoom lens. Throughout my career, I have always used various Nikon DSLRs, but in 2016 I moved to Fujifilm XT-2 and then in 2018 to the XT-3.